Tuesday, October 9, 2018

|| The Perfect Honeymoon ||

I'm Jet lagged.

So, I'm up way too early writing this post, but I would have done it all over again for our honeymoon!

I keep saying our honeymoon was "perfect" which isn't a word I use to describe many things.

But it was.

Our first trip together, his first time to Europe, the weather, our first weeks of marriage felt covered and blessed. We spent our time running and eating. We woke up to rainy mornings as well as enjoyed a couple of perfect sunny beach days. I got to learn his life rhymes as he did mine. We get to do that for the rest of our lives, wow!
We had a lot of time to rest and reflect. And that's something I'm most thankful for because as we gave ourselves the space to do that, it also paved way for us to dream and cast vision for our future.

God gave us so much opportunity to experience all the best things together. After wedding planning, it was the biggest gift to let time slow down again.

But now we're back and I don't think I've ever had to return to more transition and business but maybe with the two extremes I'll be able to find a middle ground!

For now, let's relive the days of perfection.